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 Dragon Ball Z

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z   Dragon Ball Z Icon_minitimeThu Oct 23, 2008 11:51 am

Dragon Ball Z is an animated series about a Saiyan named Goku who was sent to Earth to take over it when he was a baby. It is made up of 276 episodes and five sagas - the saiyan saga, the frieza saga, the cell saga, the babadi saga and the majin buu saga. It is actually the sequel to the Dragonball series, which is when Goku was a kid. You might want to watch it before you watch dbz (but you don't have to), because in my opinion it is just as good as dragon ball z, although less watched. You can watch any episode or movie of db, dbz or dbgt (the sequel to dbz) from http://www.watch-dragonball-z.com/.
Just watch the first few episodes of dbz and you'll be hooked! And if you have any questions about dbz, just ask - I know everything there is to know about dbz!
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Dragon Ball Z
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