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 OCDish tendencies?

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Title : Sir postalot
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OCDish tendencies? Empty
PostSubject: OCDish tendencies?   OCDish tendencies? Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2008 12:24 pm

Do you have OCD-ish tendencies? For me it's...

When I go to the toilet, I always use toilet paper on the seat to prevent contact, even at my house. I also am obsessed with being clean, I won't play my DS unless I've had a shower and I brush my teeth for about 20 minutes (once I fell asleep and was brushing for an hour the next day). Also, when I am on the computer I need the screen exactly face-on towards me. And when I walk, I try to get the middle of my foot to touch the ground.
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OCDish tendencies?
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